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Amizetta Estate Winery



Solar Power

In 2005 Amizetta Winery’s roof was completely outfitted with a massive solar system. The power generated from the nearly 100 solar panels is enough to run the properties: 6 wells, winery, guest house, and main residence. The location of these panels absorbs energy and direct heat on hot sunny days. This provides a twofold benefit for the winery by generating energy while also decreasing the need for air conditioning. The solar addition has been a key ingredient to increasing the sustainable practices at Amizetta Winery.

Wine Cave

The Amizetta cave was another addition to help increase the green practices of Amizetta Winery. The thick rock walls of the cave provide unlimited insulation and perfect humidification to create a constant temperature of 59F. It is a natural method of storage that is good for the environment and the wine. All of Amizetta Vineyard wines are aged in French Oak barrels within the cave.

Wells & Springs

Amizetta Vineyards is the last piece of private property before the Los Posadas state park. This means that all of the water feeding the wells and springs comes from uncontaminated water sources. The property is supplied by pure natural mineral water. A source without leached pesticides which is unfortunately found in many water tables supplying valley farming areas of California.

Green Farming

Amizetta Vineyards has been using green farming methods since its inception. The steep hillside terraces create unique cultivation practices. Since the beginning, grassy cover crops have been used in place of traditional soil tilling practices. Cover crops are a natural way to lower erosion and support organic fertilization. The cover crops also maintain beneficial ecosystems that help sustain long term vineyard health.

Gravity and Natural Pest Prevention

Amizetta Vineyards also uses its steep terrain to provide gravity fed watering. Instead of relying on grid power or large generators Amizetta Vineyards is able to use storage tanks at the top of the property to feed water down to the vines when necessary. Amizetta Vineyards also uses green practices like owl boxes. These are small wooden boxes placed in trees around the property to provide homes for owls. The owls act as natural predators for vineyard pests like moles and field mice.