Amizetta Estate aerial view of house and tasting room


Solar Power

In 2005 Amizetta Winery’s roof was completely outfitted with a solar system. The power generated from almost 100 solar panels is enough to run the entire esate: 6 wells, winery, guest cottage, and main residence. The location of these panels absorbs energy and direct heat on hot sunny days. This provides a two-fold benefit for the winery: generating energy and decreasing the need for air conditioning.

Wells & Springs

Amizetta is the last private property before Las Posadas State Forest. This means that all the water feeding the wells and springs comes from uncontaminated water sources. The property is supplied by pure natural mineral water.

Green Farming

Amizetta Vineyards has been using green farming methods since its inception. The steep hillside terraces create unique cultivation practices. Grass cover crops have been used in place of traditional soil tilling practices. Cover crops are a natural way to lower erosion and support organic fertilization. The cover crops also maintain beneficial ecosystems that help sustain long term vineyard health. In 2023, Amizetta aquired a Monarch Tractor, the first electric tractor, to help us move away from diesel farming equiptment. 

Gravity and Natural Pest Prevention

Amizetta Vineyards also uses its steep terrain to provide gravity fed watering. Instead of relying on grid power or large generators, Amizetta is able to use storage tanks at the top of the property to feed water down to the vines when necessary. Amizetta also uses owl boxes. These are small wooden boxes placed in trees around the property to provide homes for owls. The owls act as natural predators for vineyard pests like moles, field mice, and gophers.