Amizetta Estate's patio view of the mountains

The Winery

The winery at Amizetta was built in 1984 after Spencer and Amizetta finished planting their terraced hillside vineyards. They wanted to create a small facility that matched the average annual yields of their land’s harvest. They enlisted the services of Justin Meyer (the founder and winemaker of Silver Oak Cellars) to help design their dream winery. Together the three created a design they dubbed ‘a winemaker’s winery.’

At the same time, Spencer and Amizetta built their Victorian-style dream home directly adjacent to the winery. The home’s proximity to the winery was a testament to their passion. They wanted their vineyard, winery, and family to all be together.

The Clark's steep hillside property also provided the perfect terrain for a 800sq ft cave. The mountain’s natural insulation creates constant cool temperatures and perfect humidity for the aging of wine.   

Photogallery rendered here.