View of Amizetta Estate property

The Vineyard

Amizetta and Spencer Clark moved to the Napa Valley with one dream: to grow and make world class wines. They recognized that many of the world’s top wines were produced from hillside vineyards in Europe. With this knowledge, they scoured the Napa Valley for hillside property and in 1979 Amizetta and Spencer found their perfect vineyard site.

Their property is a steep, south-facing rocky 40-acre parcel at the base of Howell Mountain in the Conn Valley region of Napa Valley. With an elevation reaching 1,000 feet, the vineyard has panoramic views of Lake Hennessey, Pritchard Hill, and the San Pablo Bay.  The soil consists of red and grey rock strata called "sobrante loam." Amizetta and Spencer knew right away, this was the ideal location for growing world class Cabernets and Bordeaux varieties.

Spencer decided that the best way to compliment his new vineyard site was to name it after the love of his life. They named the property Amizetta (pronounced am-ah-zet-uh) Vineyards. Amizetta is a name passed down through the family over five generations. The root of the name is "ami" which means friend in Latin.

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