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Spencer Clark
Amizetta Clark
Perry Clark
Edward Clark
Spencer Clark Jr.
Property Manager
Amizetta Clark, MD
Patrick Volner
Estate Director
Jose Rincon
Ranch Manager
Connor Dake
Estate Sales Host
Rosco Eakins
Hospitality Manager
Keith Cullison
Hospitality Coordinator
Brandon Tatera
Shipping Coordinator
Rachel Sturm
Membership Manager

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Brandon Tatera, Shipping Coordinator

Brandon joined the Amizetta team in the summer of 2021 as our Shipping Coordinator. Using his degrees from the University of San Francisco, he is excited to manage our in-house shipping and logistics operation, as well as assist with compliance.

Brandon grew up in Southern California and originally worked in the sports industry. He spent his sports career involved with Yahoo Sports, Stanford University, and the NFL before developing a passion for wine. He found his calling in logistics after spending time in various sectors of the wine industry. When he is not at Amizetta, Brandon can be found outdoors hiking or swimming.