Amizetta family photo


Spencer Clark
Amizetta Clark
Perry Clark
Edward Clark
Spencer Clark Jr.
Property Manager
Amizetta Clark, MD
Patrick Volner
Estate Director
Jose Rincon
Ranch Manager
Rosco Eakins
Director of Hospitality
John Tanda
Estate Host
Rachel Sturm
Marketing & Membership Manager
Brandon Tatera
Shipping Coordinator
Brenda Garcia
Concierge & Lodging Coordinator
Melissa Hammack
Event Coordinator & Concierge
Jose Rincon Jr
Production Assisant
Vineyard Team

Vineyard Dogs

Our Vineyard Team

These amazing members of the Amizetta team work in the background, ensuring the land and winery are taken care of. We couldnt do it without their hard work, passion and expertise.

Starting their days sometimes as early as two am, our vineyard team takes care of and manages every aspect of the estate. From harvest, to landscaping, to winery maintenance, to wrangling our winery dogs (with lots of treats), they make this winery run as smoothly as possible. We couldn’t do it without each and every one of them and their beautiful smiling faces.

From top left to right: Antonio Sandoval, Eleuerio Angel, and bottom left to right, Emmanual (Manny) Garcia, and Daniel (Danny) Bautista.