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Spencer Clark
Amizetta Clark
Perry Clark
Edward Clark
Spencer Clark Jr.
Property Manager
Amizetta Clark, MD
Patrick Volner
Estate Director
Jose Rincon
Ranch Manager
Rosco Eakins
Director of Hospitality
John Tanda
Estate Host
Rachel Sturm
Marketing & Membership Manager
Brandon Tatera
Shipping Coordinator
Brenda Garcia
Concierge & Lodging Coordinator
Melissa Hammack
Event Coordinator & Concierge
Jose Rincon Jr
Production Assisant
Vineyard Team

Vineyard Dogs

Vineyard Dogs


Amizetta Vineyards has 4 dogs.

Osa meaning (Little Bear) is a pure bred Border Collie who enjoys to chase away those pesky wild turkeys devouring our grapes. She is 14 years old.

Mac is a full bred 12 year old Macnab (short haired Border Collie). He was raised on another ranch to be a fierce boar hunting dog, but flunked out and was given away due to his “too sweet personality” and always wanting to be at his master's side.

Zuzu is our energenic golden retriever. At 3 years old, she is always the life of the party. Friends with everyone, she is always happy to help you with your bread sticks or ready to give you her tummy for a belly rub.  

CoCo is the baby of the wine dogs on property and 2 years old. Once very shy but now the goofball of the group, she is the biggest sweetheart and loves her ear scratches.