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Spencer Clark
Amizetta Clark
Perry Clark
Edward Clark
Spencer Clark Jr.
Property Manager
Amizetta Clark, MD
Patrick Volner
Estate Director
Jose Rincon
Ranch Manager
Connor Dake
Estate Sales Host
Rosco Eakins
Hospitality Manager
Keith Cullison
Hospitality Coordinator
Brandon Tatera
Shipping Coordinator
Rachel Sturm
Membership Manager

Vineyard Dogs

Rosco Eakins, Director of Hospitality




Rosco Eakins had an international start to his life growing up in Mexico, Brazil and Taiwan before landing in California.  Rosco started in the wine business in 1991 working for his family who own Custom Wine Service.  Following a six year stretch as an elementary school teacher (and basketball coach!) in Compton, California, he landed back in Napa working for wineries such as Darioush, Chase Cellars and Crocker & Starr.  He is the proud father to an eleven-year-old boy, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Rosco‚Äôs focus is introducing clients to the unique hillside wines that epitomize the Amizetta Estate.  When you meet him, ask Rosco how many passports he has!